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The Eastern Market | Something Fun to do this Saturday in Detroit

Lisa VirkusComing from New York, I see so much of a city that is coming back in Detroit. I remember when New York City went through the exact same transformation.

Living in one of the historic neighborhoods of Detroit, Boston Edison, my husband and I are always finding great new adventures in the city.

Tired of doing the same thing every Saturday? Looking for a new adventure? Well here is something fun to do in Detroit…The Eastern Market!

Join us this Saturday at Detroit’s Eastern Market!

Eastern Market Shed 5

Here is how we typically spend our day at the Eastern Market…

Start at Vivios Eastern Market!

Enjoy a good Bloody Mary? Vivios was voted 2018 Best Bloody Mary. Bloody Mary not for you? How about a great craft beer to start your Saturday? Visit, the Eastern Market restaurant famous for their Bloody Mary’s and world class muscles…Vivios!

At Vivios you will be served by some of the best staff in SE Michigan. My recommendation is to start with a classic Vivios Bloody Mary and enjoy the Tomato Basil Muscles as a start to your Eastern Market adventure. From there we carry on….

Next Stop…The Gratiot Central Meat Market

The Gratiot Central Meat Market is one of my husbands favorite places… Imagine that!

The colorfully painted, warehouse style Gratiot Central Market looks big from the outside, but it’s hard to tell how large this place really is until you step inside. Once you do, you’ll find yourself in the middle of a massive grocery store specializing in gorgeous meats and seafood. After you get over the initial awe, your first instinct will be to run giddily through the market like a kid in a candy store, grabbing up every meaty treat in sight. Trust me…it’s not like walking through a grocery store in the suburbs.

Fun suggestion for Sunday’s BBQ. Buy a slab of uncut beef short ribs and put them on the smoker. Here’s a great recipe from…Smoked Beef Short Ribs

Once You’re able to pull the husband out of the meat market, it’s onto the Sheds!

Eastern Market Shed 5

Attending an Eastern Market Saturday Market is an experience that is undeniably Detroit. Over 225 market vendors share their produce and stories with up to 40,000 visitors in one day during our busy season. The tradition of this market has been a cornerstone of the city for 125 years and is crucial to our mission of nourishing a healthier, wealthier, and happier city.

The “Shed’s” are my favorite part of the market! You will find virtually every type of vegetable, flowers, condiments, spices and so much more.

My TIP….Go through the sheds at 3pm. This is when the vendors start trying to unload their produce before they head back to the farm. It’s bargain time!

Click here for a full map of the Eastern Market!

By now you may be getting a bit parched or maybe even a little hungry from all the shopping. My suggestion…head to Bert’s at the Eastern Market!

Hanging out at Berts provides you some of the best people watching around. Sit out in the sun, enjoy a cold adult beverage and chow on some great BBQ! In the summer months you will be treated to The One Man Band….Sweet Willie Tea!


Enjoy some of Sweet Willie Tea’s Music!


Quick TIP…Before you head home make sure to find your way to the back patio of Berts to hear some of the best Karaoke in town. Trust me on this one…

So bottom Line…get out of the house, do something different and join us a Detroit’s Eastern Market for great fun on a Saturday!

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