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Here are of few Realty in the D Target Detroit Neighborhoods positioned for significant growth. Click to see whats for sale, scheduled open houses and how the Detroit Neighborhood is performing!

Boston Edison

University District

Sherwood Forest

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Welcome to Realty in the D!

I’m Lisa Virkus, Founder of Realty in the D and Real Estate Agent for Edge Realty.

Detroit is one of the fastest growing real estate markets in the country. The issue is there are not enough Realtors who actually know Detroit and which Detroit Neighborhoods are the safest and poised for the best growth. This is why I founded Realty in the D. I live in Boston Edison, one of Detroit’s most historic neighborhoods, and have been selling real estate in Detroit for almost a decade. I know Detroit, which Detroit Neighborhoods are hot and which Detroit Neighborhoods are the next to become hot!

The Realty in the D website is built in a way to be your Portal to Detroit Real Estate. How to use the site:

Target Neighborhoods

Use this section to see pre-screened Target Detroit Neighborhoods that Realty in the D sees as best positioned for safety and growth. In each target neighborhood you can quickly see everything that is going on in that specific Detroit Neighborhood including Houses for Sale, upcoming Open Houses and Monthly Market Reports for that specific Detroit Neighborhood.

Custom Search

The ability create your own custom search criteria to search any area in Metro Detroit.

Property Organizer

Sign up with Realty in the D’s Property Organizer which is your management tool to monitor what is going on with your saved Target Markets, Properties and Custom Search Criteria via Email Alerts so you can in real time learn about new Detroit Listings, price movements and market changes.

Coming Soon Listings

See what’s coming on line before it’s listed.


Valuable education in our “Articles” section to help you know exactly what is going on in Detroit Real Estate and which areas you may want to focus on.

I look forward to helping you gain access to this fast moving market and  find your home in Detroit! Let me know how I can help.

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